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Welcome to Class 4

As part of Class 4, in years 4 and 5, your child will continue their learning journey and work towards developing their independence and resilience. Working individually and as part of the class, they will be encouraged to use a growth mindset approach to their learning; understanding that mistakes are part of learning that help them improve.  

Curriculum Map for Autumn 2023 - click on it to enlarge


Children will have a reading book from the selection of books in class. They may also choose to have a library book. They are expected to read at least 5 times each week at home and this needs to be recorded in their reading diary please. Reading five times at home will earn a ‘Spotted being fantastic’. This might be reading out loud to you, reading out loud together, echoing you reading or sometimes reading silently. Pease record the book’s tile and page number they have read to and sign it. 

Discussing key events in the text, new vocabulary and characters’ reasons for their actions are some things that would support your child with developing their comprehension when reading. They could also practise summarising what they have been reading or giving reasons for their predictions about what could happen next.  

Above all, it is important that reading is an enjoyable experience and, at this age, it is often when children begin to read from a wider range of genres written by new and exciting authors alongside their favourites.  

At school, your child will read regularly to an adult or to the class as part of daily ‘Whole Class Reading’ sessions. They will be working towards reading with fluency using appropriate intonation and expression and will carry out daily activities linked to reading comprehension.  

Times Tables 

Times tables are key for the development of maths fluency and an important part of Class 4. Children are expected to know all times tables facts up to 12 x 12 and are tested on this at the end of year 4.  


All children have logins to Times Tables Rockstars ideally to use for 3 minutes a day. Playing games using ‘Studio’ will earn your child their rock star status and help complete their heatmap where they will be able to see their progress as they learn more facts and become more accurate. 


In addition to TTRs, we have in class times tables clubs for each times table or a mixture of times tables depending on where your child is with their times tables’ knowledge. Every week, children challenge themselves to answers 60 questions in 5 minutes. 

Children can also choose to come to Times tables Rockstars Club on a Friday lunchtime to practise their times tables. 

Learning and using these facts is part of the children’s daily maths activities but children may like to practise at home: 





Pupil Questionnaire Spring 2024


Class 4 Curriculum

Class 4 Long Term Planning


Knowledge Organisers

Autumn 2023

Geography Knowledge Organiser - Energy 

History Knowledge Organiser: Chronology of the Law

Science Knowledge Organiser: Sound, Forces & Animals including Humans


Spring 2024

Class 4 Spring term planning (mindmap)

Geography Knowledge Organiser: France

History Knowledge Organiser: The History of Numbers

Useful information

PE- Monday afternoon (with Kidderminster Harriers) and Thursday afternoon but please leave PE kits in school so they are there everyday in case this should change.  


Homework in Class 4 is set weekly each Friday and is due in the following Thursday. It is usually: 

  • A reading comprehension activity from the CPG book, 
  • A workout from their English CPG workbook
  • A Times tables workout from the CPG book
  • Alongside their five reads each week. 

Homework not handed in on Thursday can be completed at Homework Club on Thursday lunchtime. 

We mark the homework together in class each week and look together at the next week’s reading comprehension text and questions; ‘zapping’ together key parts of the text that will help when answering the questions. Marking together means that we can discuss any misconceptions as a class. 

Answers to the homework are in the back of the books and can be used to help you support your child when completing their homework. Feel free to Dojo message if you have any questions though. 

For more help with English homework, have a look at: